Campaign cracks down on illegal prospecting in eastern Queensland

Campaign cracks down on illegal prospecting in eastern Queensland

The ABC understands local government across Queensland has issued new rules to combat illegal prospecting and drilling in the구미출장마사지 Eastern Seaboard.

The new rules, which affect the western part of the state, will give local governments the opportunity to ban drilling activities during the day.

The new rules come on the back of a number of measures the state’s government has taken to combat the underground prospecting boom.

A report last week warned the Queensland Government is looking to ban prospecting in all the state’s regions and “impose a moratorium on all exploration and the prospecting of minerals and oil and gas minerals”.

The move comes after local council in New South Wales issued new guidelines in response to the Queensland Government’s new rules.

Queensland Premier Mike Baird today issued a statement to ABC News, saying the Government had taken on “the hard-hitting” issue of underground prospecting.

“The Queensland Government is taking forward the tough new penalties of ‘the hardest’ on exploration and prospecting activities in the Eastern Seaboard, which will include a ban on underground drilling,” he said.

“This is the strongest and most comprehensive action this 예스 카지노Government has taken to protect the environment and public safety. The Queensland Government is taking this decision in the interest of Queenslanders and Queenslanders are acting, we see no reason why the rest of Australia should not act on this measure.”

Queensland’s Premier Mike Baird has described the new measures as the toughest in Australia, despite an increasing number of companies exploiting “potentially life-threatening” quantities of natural resources in the state.

He says he will call for the federal government to introduce a “federal-provincial approach” to regulating underground mining, which would see the Queensland Government step up to fill the role.

“I have spoken to the Federal Government twice in recent weeks and am sure in response I will make further comments,” Mr Baird said.

Earlier today, the Queensland Government moved to remove $1 million of funds used for a mining research출장 institute.

Minister for Environment and Parks, Greg Hunt, said $8 million of funding to the Centre for Exploration Resources Innovation ($CERI) should be returned to the state.

He says the funds have been used on projects aimed at expanding the use of coal bed methane as a greenhouse gas.

CERI will become the largest Queensland resource development company, the State Government has confirmed.

Mr Hunt says th

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