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Free PDF Compressor

Free PDF Compressor can compress free PDF documents. This service is useful for reducing the size of PDF files.

Why is it worth the compression of a PDF file?

The PDF file can be compressed for several reasons. Basically, PDF files are not large. But if they contain hundreds of pages and have a lot of images, the size of the file may increase exponentially. Free file opening is a big problem. They are not easily shared or smeared. With limited disk spaceyour computer may have problems on your disk. If you reduce the size of a PDF file, it is not possible with the Free PDF Compressor it is not possible with a large PDF file. In addition, small PDF formats are easier to load on mobile phones.

compression settings

toolFree PDF Compressors supports five compression settings. They are configured according to the final use of the compressed file. In other words, resolution and image settings are different screens and e-books. ConditionsThey meet the requirements for compressed output and lower output requirements. However, high-quality compression of PDF formats is needed for printers and owners. This high quality compression also guarantees the color of the original behavior of the PDF file. For the lowest quality, set the compression to the screen. For high compression, set the prefix level. Note that some large PDF files will be on the desktop.

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