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Get Hard Tongkat Ali 2018

Get Hard Tongkat AliEnergetic, male and tall, 26-year-old Wen Hu becomes Mr. Ideal.
Ready Player One 2018 DVDRip Free Movie Torrent What his fans do not know is that a handsome young man has a secret: he suffers from erectile dysfunction. Now he has to find a way to overcome his problem for 30 days. This is because he has to offer his girlfriend soon because his mother forces him to marry her as soon as possible so that he can compensate for the bad curse, according to her, the reason she became ill.

Language: Mandarin

Subtitles: English / Malay / Chinese


Friday: 8 March 2018.

Genre: Comedy

Duration: 1 hour 37 minutes

Trader: Mega Films Distribution Sdn Bhd

Cast: JC Chee, Juwei Teoh, Sarah Lian, Emily Kong, Elvis Chin

Director: Chan Wei Chong

Format: 2D