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LibreOffice is a professional multifunctional production and management program for your computer.

In the same sense as the second open source production package, LibreOffice offers a range of office management tools that can run almost parallel to Microsoft Office itself. LibreOffice offers six different job management tools to meet the needs of project management: text documents, tables, presentations, drawings, iFormula databases.

Text documents are relatively identical to Microsoft Word,where tables like Excel are. The presentation reflects Microsoft PoverPoint and the database is similar to Access. Then you have two extra programs in Draving and Formula, which is an extra bonus for the whole package. LibreOffice is compatible with Microsoft Office documents and also supports PDF. He also has his own document with the name OpenDocument.

Unfortunately, if you are not familiar with Microsoft Office products, this program may take some time to get used to, especially if you have some more advanced featureswant to control. Ordinary Microsoft Office users will, however, find LibreOffice interfaces very similar and should continue to use other programs without too many problems.

LibreOffice is an alternative to Microsoft Office and is indispensable for managing various office projects.