Microsoft Office Pro Plus 2013 Windows 7/8 Download Torrent

Microsoft Office Pro Plus 2013

Microsoft Office Pro Plus 2013 (32bit + 64bit) – 2010

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WZT Release


PERIOD: 24.10.2012



Size: 851,449,856 bytes

SHA-1: 774120F3A5F36B65545864D2A40B927F13B19A94

MD5: 125BAD01818BC84CCC30F5FE03ABD947

CRC: 13E338D5

NOTE. This is the original MLF image.

MLF – Microsoft Licensing

MSVLSC – Centers for processing largequantity of Microsoft.

10 | 31 | 2012

PERIOD: 24.10.2012



Size: 742 877 184 bytes

SHA-1: 08754B82E704B324E23ACD088CF3D6C3B6D2DCF8

MD5: 53A44DE5C96352EB70374002DC278CBD

CRC: D08D48A5

NOTE. This is an original imageMLF file.

MLF – Microsoft Licensing

MSVLSC – Microsoft Corporate Licensing Center.

10 | 31 | 2012

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Microsoft Word 2016 is part of itword processing for the recently updated Microsoft Office product package.
It offers several new features and enhancements to existing features. First of all, it allows users to view and edit PDF documents as if they were made by the Word itself.

Better in all directions

Of course,Microsoft Word 2016 provides more than that. It provides a new “read mode”, which, though insignificant, clears the menu when you activate it to provide more screen space for better reading. The less slim is perfect compatibility with the Microsoft OneDrive repository: you can even collaborate with documents.with other users in real time. However, the benefits of PDF compatibility can not be exaggerated. That is, those who work with PDFs (except publishers, they do not need to study or have a separate program.

Plan your best office

For home users of Microsoft Word 2016 (and Office 2016 as a whole), well,but the benefits to most medium and large enterprises are greatest. PDF compatibility reduces the cost of licenses for other software, reading mode improves readability or difficult read times, and is easy to adapt to what does not create largeoverhead costs Finally, on the official Microsoft Word Web site, you will find additional information about this program.