Slender: The Eight Pages free download torrent

Slender: The Eight Pages

Slim is a first-person horror game where your sole purpose is to find eight manuscripts of a decent person, paranormal being. It follows the previous game called Slenderman, which was based on a similar subject, but not so terrible and successful.

How do you play ‘Slim’

The basic point of departure of the game is that the more you hit the “Cut” directly, the faster your healthy security assurance. Therefore, be careful not to look at the enemy for a long time and remember your speeda limited battery so that the time from time to time turns it off to disrupt it. Besides, the more you sprint, the less your maximum endurance, so you just have to sprint when you need it.

This is scary?

Doing well, create a very scaryan atmosphere for a very basic game. It looks like you, your torch and the sound of crickets, chirps when you’re looking for manuscripts through the woods.
Five Nights at Freddys download torrent However, the overall purpose of the collection of 8 pages of the manuscript is quite limited, so the gameis a little limited.

Manage the game is simple: Mouse look around W, A, S D – move Life Move – SprintClick left mouse button – increase the pageClick right mouse button – flashlight E – Increase / decrease technical problems

Please note that you need WinZip or WinRAR to download this gameSlender.

Since Slender was originally formed, there were several pronouncements with different grades of quality. We tested them on Softonic employees to see what one of the most frighteningso make sure they choose it:


Slender-It’s a terrible horror game that’s worth trying out, or you’ve never heard of the slim men’s mood.


Added captions to the game (“eight pages”) to distinguish it from future versions.

Improved main menu and added music toher Also, links to Slender Man and the YouTube series are now included.

Several light sources were added (unlocked after the game was beaten once).

Additional shadows(especially not visible, except the highlighted areas).

YourSpeed ​​is growing steadily as more pages are collected.

time for endurance stamina after running / sprints and declining endurance. when

You start running / sprint, but immediately get 5% of your endurance. This will allow you to run or

Sprint for a much longer time, but do repetitive clutches for jog / sprint to name your endings

lose very quickly (effectively get rid of the advancerfeat).

The maximum distance you can see reduces when you collect more pages; It is to keep the call

For people who turned off the tumbler. For the same reason, the distance shadow is no longer.

Added menu option to automatically save the introduction.

The pause feature has been added, but you can only break if there is no static (which prevents you from interrupting the game

in response to Visie’s vision house band)

Fixed an error that the flashlight will try to turn the page on the other sideto lift off the wall.

Remove one of the hidden modes (it was just a matter of time because it contains copyright-protected material).