Bullets overturn blaze in local derby

Bullets overturn blaze in local derby

Carrickville fire chief Dave Rousley tells Channel 2’s Tony Correia that the blaze was starting to grow.

Rousley says the blaze started in the driveway in a kitchen in the backyard about a half hour ago.

Crews arrived after it was reported to be on fire.

Firefighters were able to put out the fire in about an hour and it had taken about 45 minutes to put out.

There was no other damage to the house.

Residents in the area are being notified and the community was notified of the fire at around 11:15 바카라사이트a.m.

Rousley says firefighters from a local law enforcement officnatyasastra.come are on their way to t바카라he scene.

Rousley says the cause of the fire is still under investigation.