Victim roger singaravelu says the attack has shaken the community

Victim roger singaravelu says the attack has shaken the community.

He said two girls, who were under 15 when the attack took place, came to his school and showed him the wounds.

“One of them was with me [at the school], and she said that it all happened like three times,” he said.

Rover said that while the girl is the same age as his sister he was in awe of her bravery.

“She has always been very sweet and so beautiful. She is just so kind to us,” he said.

The victims were both aged about 15 but did not remember the incident. Both were taken to a local hospital after they got injured from shrapnel from the shrapnel.

Sariar and his sist바카라er were treated for shock, and both were released.

Both are reportedly working towards finishing high school and university.

The attacker left behind a video clip he said shows her attacking the school with the intent to cause physical harm.

He says the girl was being bullied by another girl.

He said his daughter has been studying science at a school near his home for the past four years.

The incident is one of multiple that has더킹카지노 occurred across Indonesia, with two more schools the target of gunfire this week.

At least 10 others were injured in the capital Jambiya in the previous four days.

The latest incident took place in Jambiya as바카라 both boys and girls were trying to go to the school.

Police are investigating the attack, but no arrests have been made.

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