Nationals heffernan fighting tree planting tax Credit: John Davenport

Nationals heffernan fighting tree planting tax Credit: John Davenport

The first year his tax proposal passed, he was criticized on social media for his stance. “The first year he didn’t think about paying his taxes until after he won,” says Thomas. “That’s his way of making you feel better about yourself.”

He’s taken note of the criticism in recent years and decided to tackle the issue more thoroughly. Thomas has started looking into whether some of the other tax issues are so common that they’re getting too much attention. That’s just the thing — everyone wants to hear how they’re doing so they can get better at it, so he started a site called Caring for Your Common Sense to offer more helpful advice for everyday taxmen.

His website and others like it are an attempt to bring awareness to the tax issue and encourage common sense, he says.

For example, he has written tax advice columns on his blog so the same people whose tax problems he’s talking about don’t have to waste their time looking for him. “If they don’t think he’s a taxman, then maybe they won’t think he’s a real taxman,” he says.

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As far as income, Thomas says he has to keep in mind a couple of things: “There’s no automatic exemption and there is a $5,300 federal standard deduction. Then you can go and put into the calculation income of people with $20,000 to $100,000. So you have to consider that income before you’re making your tax calculatio바카라n.”

What should I do with my tax bill?

He says it’s OK to make some cuts or even lose your job if you don’t have enough money to cover the cost.

“We know you want to live in the middle clasapronxs. I want to live at the top and I’m going to cut in here and here and then there,” Thomas says.

But his plan isn’t about making millionaires, Thomas says, it’s about helping the middle class. He’s proposing that people with high incomes should contribute $3,000 a year more to their families. He says he’s not callin