Us attacks france at security conference

Us attacks france at security conference

French President Francois Hollande has said a security conference this week in France is “a great opportunity” to prepare for a possible attack.

The former intelligence chief and the president had a tense telephone meeting at about 7:30 am local time (01:30 GMT) on Thursday, when Hollande asked for emergency reinforcements from the French security services, a French interior minister said.

Earlier in the day Hollande told reporters the event – which he described as “a great opportunity for an 카지노 사이트urgent response” to the attacks in Brussels – would not go ahead.

The security services have also been asked to provide information to the police, Hollande added.

“There is no reason to expect the state to be any more effective in this respect,” he said.

A number of terror attacks in Brussels in October last year prompted several governments across Europe to seek ways to improve security around the world.

‘Our mission… is to ensure that attacks such as these never happen again’ – French president

More than 30 people were killed when a jihadist struck at a Brussels transit station and cafe in the Belgian capital in March 2015.

The attacks were claimed by Islamic State, a militant group in Syria and Iraq.

Prime Minister Manuel Valls of the Socialist party was among the politicians to바카라사이트 praise the response of French authorities in response to the attacks – saying they had stepped up their fight against terrorism.

At the time, he said France had “more capabilities than anybody and as the number of targets rises, it becomes harder to find the answer that is so crucial in a war”.

Fr바카라사이트ance’s intelligence services have also become well-known for being part of the US – a country they frequently clash with over their own intelligence gathering.

In November, German Chancellor Angela Merkel was forced to defend French intelligence after she was criticized by members of the party’s right wing for suggesting the country’s intelligence agencies might have been able to halt the attacks because they were working in collaboration with the West.

In the attack in March, 29-year-old Ibrahim el-Bakraoui, suspected of being involved in the deadly car attack at a gay nightclub in Paris, took part in the “Molenbeek” attacks. He was arrested a month later and charged with being a member of an al-Qaida-linked organisation.

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