Producers warned of cold threat to livestock

Producers warned of cold threat to livestock

The threat comes on top of warnings from the Environment Agency that livestock producers could lose as much as £500,000 per annum.

The country’s leading farming organisations are concer더킹카지노ned as the threat could lead to increased demand for meat with meat prices rising.

But David Hetherington, the general secretary of the Cattle Exporters and Farmers’ Alliance said: “This latest forecast from the EEA shows clearly that food prices in England are rising faster than population growth.

“At present the EDA has warned of potential price rises of up to £1,000 per head, but these are not realistic and should not detract from the true danger to consumers. We urge the government to ensure that we get a proper price for food at its upcoming farmers’ meeting.”

Gavin Barwick, chief executive of the Food and Drink Federation, added: “In response to the alarming EEA forecast from last month, food retailers need to show farmers that there is a viable alternative to their current system of price controls in 더킹카지노place.

“If food prices do rise, then consumers may decide to increase their food costs, and then some of the cost at the supermarket would go towards keeping prices down in the future.”

The Cattle and Farmers’ Alliance said the EEA’s forecast was “a major warning shot for farmers in the face of rising inflation”.

바카라사이트The food and drink sector account for 16.5% of British exports and contributes an estimated £35bn a year to the economy.

It also produces more meat than any other sector of the economy.

The Government has long called for a higher duty rate on imported beef but the new forecast shows the move has been shelved.

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