Stage one of pool work begins early Friday morning

St천안출장샵age one of pool work begins early Friday morning. After completing our first pool, we will make two starts for practice.

In both of our pools, we will have pool work on all lanes except for lanes 1 and 2. When pool work starts, we will have a pool of eight players starting from the center. After a pool for pool play is complete for each pool, our next pool will begin from a lane 2.

At pools 2 and 3, we will perform standard pool play, except that lane 2 will have only one player instead of eight.

After pool practice for all three pools is complete, the teams will play a single elimination bracket and the teams with t에스엠 카지노he most points in pool play advance to the quarter finals (Lanes 3 and 4).

We will be playing our semi-finals tomorrow at 10 a.m., where we will face off against a best-of-five elimination bracket (where team창원출장마사지s that finish within 2-3 games of each other may qualify). All matches will be played at the Grand Rapids Grand Prix.

Registration at Grand Rapids Grand Prix Open Series (GSOPs) is required, as we have over $10,000 in prize money on the line for the champions! Register today!

Finals: Friday, September 11th @ 9:30 pm | 4k TV | Start Time: 8:00 PM (CDT)

Govt pledges 10m for environment in pacific, US

Govt pledges 10m for environment in pacific, US


The United States is pledging 10 million acres of forest land for the development 바카라 배팅 법of natural resources over the next 50 years, officials said on Tuesday.

In a ceremony marking the release of the US Forest Service’s National Forest Policy Assessment, Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack, director of the U.S. Forest Service, and US President Barack Obama, announced the pledge to federal land managers.

The report was released to the public on a Monday, just a week after Obama unveiled a plan to invest billions in “green” infrastructure.

It found that the US government spent $9.2bn on “green” infrastructure and that the total cost of the green infrastructure in the United States was a mere $1.34bn, or 2 per cent of the annual $4.6bn in the national debt.

Mr Vilsack said the Forest Service will devote 10 million acres for natural resource development across five priority areas – water, forests, streams and wetlands.

The US will spend $7.2bn on climate change-related green investments, $5.7bn on clean energy and $7.1bn on economic development엠 카지노 쿠폰, he said.

Natural resource development is part of Mr Obama’s plan for a carbon-free economy and to reduce emissions.

The president signed an executive order in 2009 to use $400bn from the tax cut to devel파라다이스 시티 카지노op clean energy and improve the nation’s transportation infrastructure.

“The $4.6 billion is just a tiny bit. There are going to be a lot of billions of dollars more to be spent over time in the areas that the president is trying to address here,” Mr Vilsack said, referring to climate change.

In other remarks, Mr Vilsack outlined his administration’s environmental record.

He said the government had adopted more stringent greenhouse gas regulations in recent years, while a vast majority of its buildings had improved their air quality and pollution limits.

He also vowed to continue efforts to get US residents’ water and air quality up to the recommended levels in places where residents have not been yet.

He also said the government will invest as much as $30 billion to help developing nations reduce deforestation and climate change-related poverty.

The president did not offer specifics in his speech but said that while the US government “presents an impressive figure”, it was only the “tip of the iceberg”.

The Forest Service will create an agency to support its missio